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NAserver.cs errors


Ive created a simple project in VS2010 ( VB.NET ) and included the ManageOnTap.dll.


If I debug my code ( step into ) , I get a failure as soon as I hit the following line


Dim server As New NaServer(serverName, 1, 4)


The error shows the following


Call stack location:

manageOntap.dll!NetApp.manage.NaServer(string name = "lhr-fsxxv01, int majorVersion = 0x00000001, In miniorVersion = 0x00000000) line 28


Source File information :

Locating source for 'r:\rlse16\airlines\pending\RcorsairN_110928_0125\src\dotnet\ManageOnTap\NaServer.cs'

The File 'r:\rlse16\airlines\pending\RcorsairN_110928_0125\src\dotnet\ManageOnTap\NaServer.cs' does not exists



If I step over it appears to pass with no error. Ive used many APIs in many programs and never seen this behaviour before. I've always been able to "step into" without any ill side effects to the rest of my application.


So my quesitons are :


1. Is this "normal" and to be expected if I step "into" this function ? if so they why ?

2. If this is "normal" then can someone explain why its looking for the NaServer.cs file at a location that does not even exist in our organisation ?




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