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NDMP Restore reports "Cannot restore files with NT streams"


Dear community,


in our environment we have ONTAP servers with different versions from Ontap 7.3.7 till  NetApp Release 8.3.2.

We execute backups by setting HIST=y and using backup type dump.


We usually need to use  DAR restore. Therefore we set ENHANCED_DAR_ENABLED=T.


We have seen that in some cases if ENHANCED_DAR_ENABLED is set to T then messages like:

"RESTORE: Warning: Cannot restore files with NT streams : /NAS/PATH/Restore_file.pdf"

If we ENHANCED_DAR_ENABLED is disabled during restore then such messages dissapear. But not on all systems.

On our 7.3.7 system we don't set this variable as it is anyway not supported (


But on the other hand during backup we can see that NDMP has set this variable to T. This happens also on our 7.3.7 which does not support ENHANCED DAR. So why does it set this variable to T ?


Can someone explain this or point me to right direction ?