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.NET API - Invoke Failed (On only one of eight filers)


I am using the NetApp Manageability SDK 5.0R1 in a .NET application. The basic function of the application is to create a volume in a standardized way for a set of users. I am able to connect to all the filers except one. When I try to connect to this one problem child, it returns an error "API Invoke Failed." The inner exception is "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive."

The code used is below. This is part of a multi-threaded class and the username, password, and filer are set externally.

Any and all help would be appreciated. (Note, even though this is the Windows .NET API and not the web version, I still verified HTTPS, NDMP, SSL already).

public void GetAggs()


NetApp.Filer.Aggr.AggrListInfo aI = default(NetApp.Filer.Aggr.AggrListInfo);

NetApp.Filer.Aggr.AggrListInfoResult aO = default(NetApp.Filer.Aggr.AggrListInfoResult);

NetApp.Filer.Aggr.AggrInfo[] aV = null;

List<string> lA = new List<string>();

server = new NetApp.Filer.NaFiler(strFiler);

server.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(strUsername, strPassword);

server.ForceUseUnsecure = true;

aI = new NetApp.Filer.Aggr.AggrListInfo();

aI.Verbose = true;

aO = aI.Invoke(server);

aV = aO.Aggregates;

foreach (NetApp.Filer.Aggr.AggrInfo Ag in aV) {



aV = null;

aO = null;

aI = null;

if (GetAggsComplete != null) {





Re: .NET API - Invoke Failed (On only one of eight filers)


I sidestepped the issue. For anyone else that runs in to this issue... Change the protocol to HTTPS. Make sure you also set the port to 443 (or whatever you have it set to on the filer).

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