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sdk perl ipv6 support



i have problems with the sdk and ipv6.

into NaServer there is a perl call gethostbyname(), this will fail because it supports only ipv4.

is there a release with ipv6 support planned? when will it released?

has someone solved it already? how?

thank you!




Re: sdk perl ipv6 support


As of now, it’s only the Perl language that does not have any support for IPv6 address. We plan to fix this in the upcoming release (NMSDK 5.1).

NMSDK already supports IPv6 for C/C++ language from NMSDK (previously known as Manage ONTAP) 3.5 release onwards.

For Java, Python and Ruby, NMSDK uses native socket APIs which are already IPv6 compliant and is automatic and transparent. In other words, NMSDK supports IPv6 for these languages as well.

.NET APIs are not fully IPv6 compliant. The client application that uses NMSDK must specify the literal IPv6 address enclosed in square brackets (e.g.: http://[2001:db8::a00:20ff:fea7:ccea]:8080).

In the upcoming release (NMSDK 5.1), we plan to remove this restriction of having brackets for .NET and to make the usage uniform across all the languages.

Hope that helped.

Thank you

Best Regards

Aashray Arora

Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) NetApp Manageability SDK

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Re: sdk perl ipv6 support


Just to add, you can expect NMSDK 5.1 release within the month of Feb. It should solve your issues.


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