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perl - SDK - append export


Hi folks,

I am quite new with the Perl SDK, but I've tried several ways of appending exports with no success

I am using version 5.3.1


This is the method:


which requires one parameter named rules and expects an array of 'exports-rule-info'


it fails with error: Field 'exports-rule-info[]' for 'rules' not specified (13001)


Can anyone copy an snipet of code how to add an array of exports-rule-info or similar as an input parameter?

This is my code:

   my $rule=new NaElement('exports-rule-info');
   my $rules = new NaElement('rules');

   my @rules=();
   push @rules,$rule;
   $out = $s->nfs_exportfs_append_rules('rules'=>$rules);

I have tried passing also the @rules and the \@rules with no success


Thanks in advance and regards,


Re: perl - SDK - append export


I haven't had time to actually add hosts/subnets/netgroups to the export...but this at least passes, hopefully it helps



my $cmd = new NaElement ('nfs-exportfs-append-rules');
my $rules= new NaElement ('rules');
my $expRuleInfo = new NaElement('exports-rule-info');





my $result = $s->invoke_elem($cmd);



$s is of course the NaServer insance.



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Re: perl - SDK - append export


Yes, it does help. It worked.

Thanks you very much!


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