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error with perl and SDK - line 1827

Anyone else seeing this with the SDK and Perl?

Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at ../../../../lib/perl/NetApp/ line 1827.

If I look at the line in

                if ($na_can_use_ipv6 == 1) {

is this a bug in the SDK or do I need to disable ipv6 somewhere?

Only shows up if perl is run with -w.




Re: error with perl and SDK - line 1827


This is just a warning (seen because of '-w' command line option in perl) indicating $na_can_use_ipv6 is used before initialization.

This is not going to affect the functionality. So, you can ignore the warning.

If the warnings are preventing you from execution, then don't use the '-w' option for the time being (as a workaround).

Meanwhile, we will see if we can fix all the warnings in the upcoming releases of NMSDK.



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