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Windows domain user Impersonation from ONTAPI



I am trying to connect to NetApp using following code

server = na_server_open(computer.c_str(), 1, 15);

na_server_style(server, NA_STYLE_LOGIN_PASSWORD);

na_server_adminuser(server, username, password);

here username is nothing but a domain user. which is of form DOMAIN\Username.

The computer from which i am executing this code , is using the same login which i have used in the code.

Can I anyhow Impersonate the domain user ?? so that i wont need to supply password through my code.


Re: Windows domain user Impersonation from ONTAPI


You have to make sure the user have appropriate API privileges on netapp.

"useradmin" command will help you to list those privileges. and you can test

it with "apitest" tool to verify the user account privilege.

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