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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

System Manager API Invoke failed


I just loaded NetApp System Manager 1.0 and received the following when logging on to my active/active fas2020:


"API invoked failed. The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on a send. Received an unexpected EOF or 0 bytes from the transport stream. No corrective action was found in Error Details".


Has anyone seen this yet/ideas?


Thank you,




Doesn't look like anyone has responded yet to this,,,,but I, too, am getting the same exact error when using the NetApp CIFS Analyzer software.

We have installed the software and discovered the filers just fine using our SNMP community string.  But as soon as we attempt to click on any of the filers, it throws the error u detail exactly as you have experienced it.  The CIFS Analyzer software doesn't appear to be very forthcoming in the way of any kind of troubleshooting in this area.  There are no apparent errors in the Windows host event log that we are running from and the filer throws no errors is peculiar in its silence on the topic as well,,,,, not sure where to go on it at this point......



Maybe a little bit late, but i had the same problem.

Just activate SSL and everything works just fine




sudo perl -s mud-3050-spare.ops user1 123456 vol0
in Zapi::invoke, cannot connect to socket

Do you have any idea if i need to enable anything more on filer?


Can you paste the output of "options http" command on your filer.


httpd.access legacy

httpd.admin.access legacy

httpd.admin.enable on

httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off

httpd.admin.max_connections 512

httpd.admin.ssl.enable on on

httpd.autoindex.enable off

httpd.enable off

httpd.log.format common

httpd.method.trace.enable off

httpd.rootdir XXX

httpd.sslport 9999

httpd.tcpport 4080

httpd.timeout 300

httpd.timewait.enable off

And, when i do -s -p 4080 or 9999, it returns a Not Found error message (404).


-bash-3.2$ perl ./ -s -p 4080 mud-3050-spare.ops user xxxxxx

syntax error at line 1, column 0, byte 0:

/* nn4 hide */
at /home/y/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8/i386-freebsd-thread-multi/XML/ line 187

perl ./ -s -p 4080 mud-3050-spare.op user xxxxxx

syntax error at line 1, column 0, byte 0:

/* nn4 hide */
at /home/y/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8/i386-freebsd-thread-multi/XML/ line 187
-bash-3.2$ perl ./ -s -p 9999 mud-3050-spare.ops.mud samy2 yahoo1234

syntax error at line 1, column 0, byte 0:


/* nn4 hide */

at /home/y/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8/i386-freebsd-thread-multi/XML/ line 187




print_volume sample code works on http. You cannot use "-s" option with print_volume sample code unless you have modified it.

Can you run the command "httpd.enable on" on the filer and try for http. Your httpd.enable is off.

And then run.

perl ./ mud-3050-spare.op user xxxxxx

Else you can use apitest for using -s.

perl ./ -s -p 9999 mud-3050-spare.ops user xxxxxx system-get-version

What client platform are you using ?


Can we use it w/o httpd.

cause httpd requires license. Is there any other way we can connect to the filers without http/ssh/telnet/rsh.




You dont need HTTP license to make http request to Filer. In simple words FilerView/SystemManager/ONTAP SDK  to invoke HTTP call, you dont need httpd to be enabled,

You can also use RPC & .HTTPS when ssl is enabled,




Hi Sammer,

I believe you are using sample code provided in SDK. To use this sample code you need not enable httpd.enable.

Since incorrect arguments have been passed to mentioned failure is seen. I observed that you are using non-default ports for HTTP and HTTPS. Hence sample code cannot be used directly. It requires small customization.

Please use This can be used to invoke requests on customised ports.




You can use windows RPC


If you are able to discover the FAS 2020 and add it using system manager 1.0 we can rule out that it is not an issue with snmp,

however you can cross check that using the command "options snmp", please try enabling SSL and then try again if you still have issues

please post it ,we will be able to assist you more.




System Manager needs SNMP and HTTP enabled on the storage system.  Are they enabled?

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