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NMSDK 5.6 event monitoring



I need to get the last events coming from FAS systems (both 7-Mode and CDOT) for monitoring.

What would be the well suited category to use : diagnosis (diagnosis-alert-get)  or ems (ems-message-get) ?

Also, I did not find the possible attributes values for these categories in any doccumentation (e.g : for diagnosis-alert-get: alert-id, alerting-resource, monitor, etc...)

Can you help me please ?


Best regards.


Re: NMSDK 5.6 event monitoring

Hello @patrice_dronnier,


EMS is where the events are logged to, so you'll want to query that API.  The diagnosis APIs are used for hardware I believe.



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Re: NMSDK 5.6 event monitoring

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for your answer.

I think that I will need both.


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