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Another 'Unable to find API' using Perl


use strict;
use NaServer;
use NaElement;

my $s = NaServer->new ("cluster1", 1, 32);
$s->set_admin_user("admin", "password");

my $in = NaElement->new("audit-log-get-iter");
my $out = $s->invoke_elem($in);
if ($out->results_status() eq "failed") {
    print($out->results_reason() ."\n");

When I run this code I get



Unable to find API: audit-log-get-iter.


This API is in the cluster family according to the OntapClusterAPI doc so I am not setting a vserver and I'm logging into the cluster management LIF. Other Cluster family APIs work (like audit-get) but audit-log-get-iter does not. Any ideas?


Re: Another 'Unable to find API' using Perl

Hi John,


I had a look at the API version in the NMSDK and it appears that the "audit-log-get-iter" is supported in ONTAP9.X (API version 1, 100). Which version of ONTAP are you trying to invoke the API against? Here is an example for ONTAP9.0




Hope that helps



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Re: Another 'Unable to find API' using Perl

You are right. Thanks for the info. Now to figure out another way to get the audit logs off the filers....

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