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Ontap 9.0 mising API Get-NcNameServiceDNSStatistics and Get-NcDashboardAlarm


It appears Get-NcDashboardAlarm and API Get-NcNameServiceDNSStatistics are not in Ontap 9.0. It works on 8.3.2P5.



Hi John,


The CmdLet to API mapping is:


Get-NcDashboardAlarm = dashboard-alarm-get-iter
Get-NcNameServiceDNSStatistics = name-service-dns-statistics-get-iter


The "dashboard-alarm-get-iter" API is available in ONTAP9 but the "name-service-dns-statistics-get-iter" certainly isn't? I'm not sure why that is but one work around might be to use the "Invoke-NcSystemApi" CmdLet to invoke the ZAPI if the CmdLet isn't available..



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Thanks but neither works for me. I don't see the dashboard-alarm-get-iter in my library in PowerShell. Is this avaiable to everybody?


dashboard-alarm-get-iter : The term 'dashboard-alarm-get-iter' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet


Dashboards no longer exist in ONTAP 9, so that set of APIs (and consequentially cmdlets) will not work.  Looking at the API documentation, the ZAPI "name-service-dns-statistics-get-iter" doesn't exist in ONTAP 9 either.



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