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NMSDK Java API (StorageServiceDatasetProvisionRequest)


We are using NMSDK java api to do storage provisioning in NetApp storage system. We use both DFM server and ONTAP api. We are facing below mentioned issues. can you please help us to resolve these issues.

1) Not able to retrieve the size information (Available capacity , Total capacity) for NFS and CIFS shares. These NFS and CIFS are created thru’(StorageServiceDatasetProvisionRequest’ class) Dataset with storage services.

2) While provisioning the dataset using Storage Service, the protocol information is set in the dataset class(StorageServiceDatasetProvisionRequest->ProvisionMemberRequest->DatasetExportConfig). While retrieving the dataset back after successful creation of lun or share, the protocol information in dataset export config is returned as ‘none’ for any protocol (‘cifs’,’nfs’,iscsi’).



Hi Muthukrishnan,

Please let us know -

Which DFM version are you using?

What APIs are you using for retrieving CIFS and NFS size information?




Hi Sen,

   we use

     1) NMSDK 5.1

     2) Oncommand Core 5.0.2

      3) Netapp Management Console 3.1

     4) ONTAP 8.2

A) getting the NFS/CIFS share information from QTreeInfo (ONTAP Api). I could not find methods in QtreeInfo to retrieve the size information

B) thru VolumeInfo(DFM Api) able to retrieve the volume details, but the size information present in this class is for the entire volume and not for a Qtree.



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