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NMSDK and DFM reports


Hi all,

I'm a newbie to NMSDK 4.1 and trying to develop perl script that generate automated reporting from DFM server database.

Question now, I'm trying to find in the NMSDK API library that generate similar reports as dfm does. For example "dfm report aggregates-available", but I can't find any from the API that capable to produce the same result. Perhaps I'd overlooked on the documentation. Could anyone here enlightenment me which API can be used for this purpose?


Re: NMSDK and DFM reports



In case you are still lokiing for the API, for listing the available aggrs from DFM you can use "aggregate-list-info-iter-*" APIs. Its iterative API in which you would need to carry the tag obrained from -start API to -next and -end API calls.

Please refer to the latest API documentation  for NMSDK 5.0 here:



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