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NMSDK for NFS API <nfs-stats-get-client-stats>




I am working on buidling an application for pulling NFS client statistics. However, this API never seems to work.

I am working on a simulator running 7Mode 8.2.3. Several other NFS API's are working.


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<netapp version='1.1' xmlns=''>

<!-- Output of nfs-stats-get-client-stats [Execution Time: 125 ms] -->
<results reason='No statistics available for this client. ' errno='13163' status='failed'/>


Has anyone else run into this issue? 



Have you tried enabling per client stats?


options nfs.per_client_stats.enable on




Yes, I did. 


That was the first thing I looked at.


The option is on, but when you try to run the API it fails everytime.


i think its a bug.



Any ideas?


I have a 7-Mode scripts, based on:


  • my $api = new NaElement('nfs-stats-top-clients-list-iter-start');
  • my $api1 = new NaElement('nfs-stats-top-clients-list-iter-next');

and with this "child_get("nfs-top")" list I iterate over:


  •  my $api3 = new NaElement('nfs-stats-get-client-stats');



The problem I had... as the 'nfs-stats-get-client-stats' needs IP addresses and as some of our NFS clients do not have DNS reverse entries, I had to implement a "catch" function which adds an local entry into the NetApps /etc/hosts file, sleeps a bit and starts all over again 😮



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