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NaAPIFailedException: Unable to create iterator (errno=13001)




we receive NaAPIFailedException: Unable to create iterator (errno=13001) exception when we iterate through the cifs shares.


Following the advice in this community (, we checked the space on the root volume. It has only 2% used (out of 200GB). So this could not be the reason for the exception.


An other discussion thread ( is fairly old where it was communicated that there is a bug in ONTAP when parallel calls happen (just the same msec). But we also receive the error sporadicly, when only one request was sent to ONTAP.


We are using ONTAP 8.0.1.


Re: NaAPIFailedException: Unable to create iterator (errno=13001)


I know this thread is a bit old,yet I'd like to share a possible solution:

connect to your filer c$\etc and look for a folder called .zapi - this folder is most likely full! Rename it to e.g. .zapi_ and then restart your web api session again. It will be recreated and you can work again!

Hope this still helps!


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