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Screening request ONLY for files with offline bit set on it on External Fpolicy Server in NetApp CMode


      I am currently screening for CIFS files open, read, write, read and delete requests on an External Fpolicy server. I would like to listen only to file request for files which have Offline bit set on it.

NetApp Cluster Mode 8.2.

I have created fpolicy-policy-event. But to configure the filters to listen for Offline files there is a Filter value in the API, called offline_bit but it is applicable only to NFS. How can I listen for offline file requests only on the External FPolicy server ?

Filter Name:                    Monitor only offline file

Filter Value in API:          offline_bit

Description:                    Send notification for only those files on which the offline bit is set. This filter doesn’t work on folders.

Note: Only the filters write_with_size_change and offline_bit are applicable for NFS. The other filters are applicable only for CIFS.

Reference:Fpolicy SDK for ONTAP Cluster Mode.pdf published by NetAp.



Hi, Did you figure out how to do this. Please let me know. I am not able to trigger any kind of screen request to come to fpolicy server. I am using CIFS too. Other than events configuration - is there anything else I could be missing?


Hi, Sorry for the late response. Firstly check if you have all these correctly applied on the NetApp Cmode VServer.


FPolicy Event

FPolicy Scope

FPolicy External Engine

Run the command below:

vserver fpolicy show-engine -vserver <VServerName> -node <NodeName> -fields disconnect-reason,server-status,disconnected-since,disconnect-reason-id

If your VServer is connected then you are correctly registered to recieve notifications

If are unable to see it connected then Enable and Disable to Fpolciy this wil initiate a new Fpolicy Connection.

Let me know if this solves or else I will tell you more solutions.