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Need pointers to resolve "NaAuthenticationException"

Hello Team,

   I am a newbie to the NetApp SDKs and would sort out your guidance to resolve the NaAuthenticationException that we are facing in our application :

    NaElement xo = server.invokeElem((NaElement) cmd); is throwing the NaAuthenticationException and here is what that I can only see in the logs.


Caused by: netapp.manage.NaAPIFailedException: API service is disabled during failover (api=perf-object-get-instances-iter-start) (errno=13001)

at netapp.manage.NaServer.invokeElem(

... 7 more

Is "api=perf-object-get-instances-iter-start" the root-cause. As far as my initial understanding is this is used to provide permissions to the NetAppFiler.

Would appreciate your inputs and guidance.



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