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New Technical Report Released: TR-4626 StorageGRID Load Balancer Options


A NetApp® StorageGRID® Webscale deployment consists of multiple Storage Nodes and often is deployed across many sites. The Storage Nodes provide a service endpoint for applications, and they manage storage, replication, metadata, and so on. To create a global namespace across these service endpoints and sites, a load balancer is required. A load balancer directs clients to an optimal Storage Node at an optimal site seamlessly, so that the failure of nodes or even an entire site is transparent.

StorageGRID includes a basic load balancer called the API Gateway Node at no extra cost. Some applications and use cases require features and customization beyond this load balancer’s capabilities. In these cases, you can choose a third-party load balancer, either commercial or open source.

The goals of this document are to:

  • Help you determine if a load balancer is required

  • Help you decide if the API Gateway Node can meet requirements or if you need a third-party load balancer

  • Make recommendations for load-balancer deployments and configuration


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