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SSL Handshake Exception in ontap8.0.1




1. I have Ontap 8.0.1 Simulator which doesn't support TLS and i have enabled SSLv3. While connecting with zedi it throws SSL handshake exception.How to resolve this issue ??


2. What should be my file and key size considering my simulator has 512 key size ??


3. I am using NMSDK 5.6.


4. Also, I have removed SSLv3 from disabledAlgorithms from file.


NetApp-7m-801> options ssl
ssl.enable on
ssl.v2.enable off
ssl.v3.enable on


NetApp-7m-801> options httpd
httpd.access legacy
httpd.admin.access legacy
httpd.admin.enable on
httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable on
httpd.admin.max_connections 512
httpd.admin.ssl.enable on on
httpd.autoindex.enable on
httpd.bypass_traverse_checking off
httpd.enable on
httpd.log.format common
httpd.method.trace.enable off
httpd.rootdir XXX
httpd.timeout 300
httpd.timewait.enable off


Thanks in Advance 

Divya Jyoti Das

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