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Newbie API question about querying filers for performance data



We'd like to programatically poll our filers (from java) at 1-5 minute intervals for the following data points:

Disk capacity used (per volume)
Disk capacity growth rate
(per volume)
Disk throughput (reads/writes) (per volume)
NFS Ops/second
Network throughput

I've been looking through the Netapp Manageability SDK, which has libraries for ONTAP and DFM, but I'm unclear if either of these is what I need to get the data I'm looking for, and if so, what the field names I'm looking for are.  Ideally, we'd like to directly query the filers rather than going to the DFM servers, since we have multiple DFM servers and don't want to have to track/manage which servers are querying which filers.

If anyone could point me in the right direction (what library to use, where I can look up the fields I'm looking for) that'd be greatly appreciated.


Brian Deacon



Hello Brian

I think you haven't downloaded the API documentation yet. Go ahead and download it from  -

After unzipping open the help page in your browser and go through the categories of API to find the kind of information available via APIs


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