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OCUM 6.x performance counter monitoring using java.


Hi There ,

I am writing a java utility to fetch the performance counters from 6.x and I am hunting if there is any way to fetch the performance counters for DFM 6.x.

I can find the perf object in zedi explorer for the DFM 5.2 and prior DFMs but for DFM 6.x no perf is there. even to execute ONTAP API i cannot find api-proxy in DFM 6.x

Goal is to fetch the same set of performance counters which are available at DFM 5.x for DFM 6.x.

is is really possible to get performance counters for DFM 6.x


Apart from this i also cannot see any objects like Host, Qtree, vFiler on DFM 6.x are these objects removed since 6.x or any other replacement for those?


Any highlights on this would be really helpful.







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