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ONTAP_API invocation failed : Unexpected HTTP response: 400 Bad Request


Hi everyone.  After updating to ONTAP version 9.3, the ONCommand API Service server can no longer gain access to our Clustered Ontap Storage System.  Any ideas on this one?



check system-get-version is working with hostname of cluster_mgmt_lif.

 if cluster_mgmt ip resolved into hostname with underscope, user can't talk to ontap 9.3. . To overcome this issue, user need to do below things:

1. change cluster_mgmt hostname name without underscore

2. remove and add cluster to API services

3, check once again system-get-version



I'm facing the same problem after upgrading to 9.3P3. (from 9.1x)

What do you mean with:

@pukale wrote:


2. remove and add cluster to API services 





Any reason why underscores are not allowed from 9.3 onwards ?




There are 2 things. First off if you haven't updated to the 9.3 SDK then you need to do that due to some format changes in connect header. Secondly 9.3 applies a security patch that will cause any SVM connect attempt that resolves to a name with underscores to fail with "

<results status="failed" reason="Server returned HTTP Error: 400 Bad" errno="13001"></results>"


If you are running into reason #1 upgrade, if you are running into #2, make sure the hostname/IP you are connecting to doesn't resolve/reverse resolve to a name with an underscore in it.



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