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StorageGrid WebScale Search an Object


Hello all,


  We are trying to do some tests with NetApp StorageGrid WebScale 10.3 version. But we have some problems about it.


We are trying to search an object via its "User Defined Tag". When we add a tag to an object with S3 browser, we can see all the values about it. But when we try to "Object Lookup" function in SGWS GUI, we can only do the search with object name or ID.  Can we do a search with "User Defined Tag"?


And also we want to do same thing with PHP. Do you have any ideas or suggestions about this scenarios?



Hello Oguz_Peynirci,


Starting in 10.4, we provide the ability to stream out events to an external search engine. For example, this would let you search on user defined metadata (x-amz-meta-*) as sent in the HTTP headers. Object Lookup only searches by S3 key name or the internal UUID.


You can find more information here: (see HTRH)


Hello alvinlam,


After some researches, we implement ElasticSearch for user defined metadata search. What kind of search engine will you provide with the 10.4? Will it be a kind of a another node or something else? And how will we search user defined metadata on that search engine? 


Can you give some details about this new feature? I looked for the documents of 10.4 but i couldn't find about this. 


Kind regards,



You can use ELK, e.g. a VM or container, then just point StorageGrid's bucket integration to that container. 


There's no license open source ELK works fine. If you want a supported one, that's also OK, and you can also set it up in the cloud (e.g. Amazon). 

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