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PS convertto-Ncvmdk fails with Block ranges are overlapping or unaligned(for compressed files).


Hello community,


can you help with answering how to check which LBA blocks are being overlapping?

What I am doing:

1x migration volume – contains 2 thin (efficiency enabled) migrations luns (each lun has a different size)–> 1x Source and 1x Destination, then when I convert *.vhdx from Source to Destination *.vmdk using a snapshot  and -Skipunmap, then in some cases I get an error , ie block ranges are overlapping or unaligned. At this moment during conversion the filer is switching from sub-file flexclone to Xcopy.

Luns are NTFS formated (default).

There is more than 1 .vhdx on o source lun.

Filer: cDot - Ontap 9.6 p3 with flexclone licensed

PS toolkit v 9.6.

error message: 

ConvertTo-NcVmdk : Clone operation failed to start: Block ranges are overlapping or unaligned(for compressed files).


Thank you




I apologize for the delay in any response.  Do you still need assistance with this issue?  I have looked around and that error usually means something about changes in block size.

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