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Perl API error on freebsd

Running on FreeBSD 8.2 and get error "Zapi::invoke cannot connect to the socket"

the same with other test scripts

Perl: 5.10.1

SDK: 3.5.1

Ontap: 7.3.3


Everything works fine on Suse with Perl 5.8.2

and on Windows with ActivePerl


Anyone can help?


Re: Perl API error on freebsd

Are you able to ping ONTAP from the FreeBSD machine ? Ensure that the default port 80 used by apitest utility over HTTP is enabled from the Firewall.

Re: Perl API error on freebsd

Yes ping is ok and port is open

Perl API error on freebsd

check the following options status and if its "off" you can turn it on.

"options httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable on"

Re: Perl API error on freebsd

I ran into the same issue so I ended up ripping out most of the code in invoke_elem() and replacing it with a call to HTTP::Request->new()

Patch can be found at

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