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PowerShell script to replace the Self-Signed Certificate on multiple SVMs


I was working on vulnerabilities remediation, and we had to fix a “SSL Certificate Self-Signed” vulnerability related to Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs/vservers). Since we have many SVMs, I decided to automate the process as the manual process is cumbersome and time-consuming. The script assumes you have only one issued wildcard certificate to apply to all SVMs. In the future, I will work on a second version of the script so each SVM can have its own certificate. The script workflow is as follows:

   1) Creates a folder for each SVM as it progresses.

   2) Copies the existing SSL/Cert of the SVM into a file and saves it into the SVM folder.

   3) Deletes the existing/default cert. If successful, it will create an empty file (Deleting_SSLcert_was_successful.txt) in that SVM folder. This is just for confirmation.

   4) Applies the issued certificate and copies the newly applied SSL/Cert information of the SVM into a new file and saves it in the same SVM folder.

   5) Modifies the SVM to use the new SSL/Cert settings.

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