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Win32 FindFirstFIle API Vs "File-List-Directory-Iter" API Speed And Multi - Threading


I am trying to iterate over 7 Mode and C-DoT Files, Folders And Attributes In All Volumes. I see that all discussions in the community refer to using "file-list-directory-iter" API. I wonder what would be performance difference if I just used the Win32 API "FindFirstFile" since NetApp already supports this win32 function via CIFS shares. 


Note that I am trying to write a high performance Directory Walker , using "FindFirstFile" and "FindNextFile" I can assign found directories I found to other threads while continue iterating other files. multithreading will boost the scanning performance. can I achieve multithreading using the ONTAP API ?


So Two questions :

1- "FindFirstFile" vs "file-list-directory-iter' which one is better in performance in general ?

2- can I multithread the "file-list-directory-iter' ?



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