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Programming for on-prem NetApp S3


I would really appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. My company is testing implementing S3 on-prem with NetApp, there is just some beta system running now.

I am a developer using Microsoft .NET and all I  was given are the bits of info needed to connect to the beta S3 on-prem storage system that was prepared:

URL    : 
Tenant : 
Bucket : bl...le 
Region : 
ID     : C...38 
Key    : S...7FLLj6


With that information I could connect to the S3 system using the CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3.

I have also tried to connect to the service using Postman but I could not get that working past the "AccessDenied" and 403 Forbidden.

I have spent all day today trying to find some tutorial or documentation to get me started. I have found lots of links for Amazon S3 SDK, for NetApp management, etc. but nothing for a developer with an on-prem S3 NetApp system. Any good information would be much appreciated.




Hi Mitchell!


We haven't made it too easy - we have two S3 compatible offerings - a major success with our StorageGRID product, and we've just added S3 support into our ONTAP platform.


For the sake of sparing unneeded information, can you share which you're looking at interfacing with?




Hi Alex, first thanks for your reply. For your question, I cannot really answer, maybe due to my ignorance on the subject, maybe there is something I should ask the admins who did set up our beta S3 system? Or I would try to make it more clear for you and ask you: is any of the two options that you mention something that I can use in my .NET programming to to access and work with the our on-prem S3 storage? To make it clear, I am not looking to manage the S3 system, meaning I am not the admin of the on-prem S3 storage (which by my limited knowledge I understand that the ONTAP is for - management/admin). I am looking to work with the S3 on-prem system as a user (meaning basically CRUD operations with S3 stored objects). I need some SDK that I can use in Visual Studio. I found some Amazon stuff (AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio) but, my big problem, that too seems to be made to work with their cloud storage not with my on-prem system. Since our admin mentioned that our S3 on-prem is implemented with NetApp, I wish I could find some "NetApp Toolkit for Visual Studio" to help with my needs described above.




Ok, thanks for the additional information there.


I guess the thing to consider is the S3 is by its very history, meant for cloud interface standards.


Our API toolkits are very much for managing the systems, not putting data on them - that should be done with the standards compliant interfaces they provide. So we don't provide APIs for putting data on with CIFS or NFS or iSCSI - our systems use those protocols, and the operating system provides the file management facilities that talk over them.


S3 is similar - you should be able to talk to them with the cloudberry explorer, or with the AWS APIs. This is an example hands on lab guide which walks through using Cloudberry with a  NetApp StorageGRID system -


If you can't use it as directed, there's a problem in your local configuration, and hopefully the team that provisioned your access can assist.


Good luck!