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Python SDK Access HTTP XML Authentication failed


I am having issues moving a Python tool I wrote using the Netapp Manageability SDK from the default admin user 'root' to a new user with only specifc Capabilities enabled.  As the 'root" user the tool works fine. But any time  I change the connection to another user I get the following error:


       HTTPPool03:warning]: HTTP XML Authentication failed from


and the API call returns


     Authorization failed


Per the KB articles and other posts I have read I have all of the following options on the filer:


httpd.access legacy
httpd.admin.access legacy
httpd.admin.enable on
httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off
httpd.admin.ssl.enable on


and I added the login-http-admin capability to the role I created for this tool. The role also contains a list of the api-* capabilities that are required for the tool.


here is how I created the user


useradmin role add tool_role -a login-http-admin,api-volume-list-info,etc....

useradmin group add tool_client_group -r tool_role

useradmin user add user1 -g tool_client_group


I have tried to reset the password a few times.. Even if I set the role Capabilities to login-*,api-* I get the same error so I do not believe its related to Capabilties but then again I feel like I am missing something very simple either in options. or the RBAC to make this work as a less priveledged user.




Prior to your modifications, were you able to get a response after posting xml? If so are you posting to the servlets/netapp.servlets.admin.XMLrequest_file? Haven't been able to find anything specific to the servlets and was curious. Should there be a servlets directory after installing OnTap?


Not sure which modifications you are refering to?  Before I set the options correctly on the filer the SDK was not able to connect at all, but once I had those correct any API call I made worked  fine with the "root" user.  I did not intially attempt with any other user until I had spent some time learning how to use the SDK.     


I dont see any reference to a servlet directory in the docs or in the filers root volume?  Can you clarify what you mean?


I am trying to connect to a filer and get back storage information like volume, xtree, aggregate, etc. In order to do so, I am posting xml via http and the url provided is structure like this (/servlets/netapp.servlets.admin.XMLrequest_filer) according to the docs. Are you posting xml at all? How do you set options on the filer, perhaps there is something there I am missing.