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Python on Netapp Filers


Dear All,


I am trying out for some automation with Python, as i am new to Python  i would like to know the procedure in order to write python scripts.

Since we are implementing NetApp Cluster mode and we need to migate whole data from 7 moe to C mode.


In source we have many shares and which will take a lot of time to create all CIFS shares manually in destination.

so need your help on it to create cifs shares by using script.


Which API/tools to be used for ontap version 9.2/later Cluster mode .

How to install the tool/API, how to invoke a script from the management server.


Much appriciated if some one help me on this.

Thank you in advance.





Re: Python on Netapp Filers




I think creating dedicated migration scripts isn't good idea, especialy if those scripts would need to work with production data.


If I were you, I would try 7Mode Migration Tool ( It can move whole configuration from 7mode to cDOT automatically, move the data using SnapMirror healht checks, and more.


Good luck with the migration.

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