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SDK - Get Non-Root Aggregates




I have used the ZAPI tool to generate the following XML:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<netapp  xmlns="" version="1.31">
    <desired-attributes>...snipped for brevity...</desired-attributes>


Unfortunately, this still returns root aggregates (running against a CDOT 8.3.2P9 cluster). How can I get only non-root aggregates?




Re: SDK - Get Non-Root Aggregates


Not familiar with the API.. but have you tried looking for "ha_policy" of "cfo"? Only root aggregates have the ha_policy set to "cfo" (controller failover) - all others are sfo (storage failover). 

Re: SDK - Get Non-Root Aggregates


Maybe check for aggr-raid-attributes -> has-local-root and aggr-raid-attributes -> has-partner-root to both be false.  FWIW, your query works fine against my ONTAP 9.0 system.

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Re: SDK - Get Non-Root Aggregates


Thanks for your suggestions, everyone.


Looks like it's actually an issue with the ZAPI tool - I can use the tool to generate the code, but if I try to execute it, it brings back the wrong results. If I copy the generated XML and run it outside of the tool, it works as expected.

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