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I'm calling lun-get-iter to retrive LUNs, I'm waing for 20 luns (by default), and expecting pool od 20 and  information about the next-tag.

List of first 20 luns are ok, but  next-tag is in strange format, what I can't interpret.




I've already tired to collect all information at ones (there is about 200 luns), but during heavy load  deffered functions are empty, so I'm traying to resolve me problem by calling it in pools of 20 items,



This is FAS8060

OS: 8.3.2P5









Re: lun-get-iter

Hello @dsever,


I believe what you're seeing for the next-tag value is's not something you're expected to do any processing on, just pass it back to the ONTAP system so it knows where to start for the next set of records.  I have an example of using a "-iter" api with python here if you're interested.


Hope that helps.



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