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SDK Help file unable to view after fresh sdk install


SDK_help.html fails to open after fresh netapp-manageability-sdk-5.6 zip extract


1. Just installed the fresh download from:

2, Extracted it using windows file explorer extract all.

3. Went into the newly extracted folder

4. Double clicked on SDK_help.htm

Chrome went into endless loop, maxing the cpu, with the page flickering from:



some other url, I was not able to copy paste it from quiclkly changing url bar.


In other words, plain download, extract, click on help file with major browser, seems to be broken. I think it can be easily reproduced.








This seems to be a Chrome thing, I see the same behavior. Though it works in Firefox.  Have you filed a bug?  


Looking at the code it appears to be using Javascript to create frames (lol, hello 1997) and creating a loop for Chrome...this is from the Chrome console, it repeats for as long as you let it run:


2017-01-11 17_23_50-wwhelp_entry.html.png





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Nope, haven't filed the bug, actually not sure where to file it...

Currently using the help file with (ahem..) MS Edge and now 'it works for me' (tm) 

But I agree, it is not nice first impression when your primary browser fails to open landing help index...


This is a known issue with Chrome accessing local html files.


Submitted Chromium issues: and


The vendor of the online Help solution used in the NMSDK documentation, Quadralay WebWorks, has stated they do not intend to update their redistributable code for this issue:


We in Information Engineering will work with the appropriate product teams to determine a migration path for the online Help.


James Hom

NetApp Information Engineering Tools


Those bugs against Chromium have existed since 2008 and 2010 respectively, and have been closed by the Chromium team as either "fixed" or "wontfix".  This behavior just started with NMSDK 5.6, is there a mitigation plan in place since Chrome is now the #1 browser by a rather substantial margin?



If this post resolved your issue, please help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO.


That's something we will be working with the development team on--they will need to do work to update their help calls from the existing online Help package to an alternative. Thanks for the feedback, Andrew!


This still seems to be a problem. Downloaded SDK 9.7P1 just now and opened up the help file in Firefox, and.... it loops.

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