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SnapCentre and Ansible

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Any plans to create Ansible modules for SnapCentre? 


Re: SnapCentre and Ansible

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I'm not aware of any "official" plans but it sure is a good idea and would make a lot of sense given NetApp's investment in Ansible. It should be possible to use the URI module to invoke SnapCenter REST API's but it would be much easier to have native SnapCenter Ansible modules that abstracted complexity. I started something similar a while ago for a PowerShell module which is a wrapper around the REST API's. Same concept could be applied to Ansible modules for SnapCenter. What's your use case? 



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Re: SnapCentre and Ansible

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Thanks @mbeattie for taking the time to reply! Out of interest, why did you build a module instead of using the CMDLETS provided with SC 4.4 or was this not available in SC 4.2? 

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