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Snapcenter Policy via powershell



When I run this command from powershell

get-smpolicy | Select-Object SnapVaultLabel, PolicyType, SqlBackupType


My results return the SQLBackupType field as empty for all my policies.  Is that good or bad?


I'm trying to modify a policy via powershell like this, but it fails.

set-smpolicy -PolicyName "tier 1 daily sql full and log backup-servername" -SnapVaultLabel "scv_daily_servername"


Does anyone have an example on how I can set the -snapvaultlabel via powershell?





Re: Snapcenter Policy via powershell

It looks like the property that contains the backup type is actually called "SmSqlBackupType" and not "SqlBackupType", so that could explain why that property is empty (because it doesn't exist).


What error is generated when you try to run the "Set-SmPolicy" cmdlet to try to specify the SnapVault label?  

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