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Undocumented <registry-get> command


I am working on project which with is integrated with NetApp by means of OnTAP API.

One of my subtask is to get dns domain name assigned to my vfilers. I know that it's possible since OnCommand System Manager can do it.

I didn't find API related to my requirements apart from "vfiler-list-info" which response has 'dns-info' structure but this structure is not filled every time.

I looked into Wireshark when I retrieve dns information by using OnCommand System Manager and saw that it uses some undocumented API call which is "registry-get". I was able to reproduce call and return desirable result.

I looked through oncommand-api documentation as well but I only found  "client-registry-get" command which unfortunately has different semantic.

Can I rely on such API?  Is it possible that command "registry-get" becomes deprecated in future? Is any documents describing "registry-get" command


Yegor Fadeev


Re: Undocumented <registry-get> command

NetApp Alumni

Hi Yegor,

The registry-get API will not be deprecated for 7-mode ONTAP.


   - Rick -

Re: Undocumented <registry-get> command

Thank you Rick! It's very helpful.

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