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Use of Templates in NMSDK


Unlike Powershell, is there a functionality to use "Templates" in NMSDK using Perl?


Sample poweshell code below to pull the disk model numbers for a node. This pulls only the Disk Model numbers.

            $diskAttributes = Get-NcDisk -Template
            $diskAttributes.Model = ""
            $diskQuery = Get-NcDisk -Template
            Initialize-NcObjectProperty -object $diskQuery -name DiskOwnershipInfo
            $diskQuery.DiskOwnershipInfo.HomeNodeName = $node
            $disks = (Get-NcDisk -Query $diskQuery -attributes $diskAttributes).Model.substring(0,4)


I am building a similar code in Perl using API "disk-list-info", however, it pulls lot of data for each disk.

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