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Value is empty for about 15 multibyte characters


I am develop tool for ontap with python.

On the way, I tried to create a Qtree using multi-byte characters such as Japanese and Korean.
However, if an error occurs and the number of multibyte characters exceeds a certain number as long as guessed from the error content, it seems that NetApp can not recognize the character


: running code like below

    api = NaElement('qtree-create')
    api.child_add_string("volume", 'svm_vol1')
    api.child_add_string("oplocks", 'enabled')
    api.child_add_string("security-style", 'ntfs')
    api.child_add_string("qtree", 'あああああああああああああああ')
    o = s.invoke_elem(api)


: result

You cannot create qtree "".

- Usually it should be "You cannot create qtree "あああああああああああああああ"."



Do you know why this happens?

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