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Hey, I saw that through the "account" section I can pull the storage usage information for the specific tenant but I couldn't find how to pull the tot more
i've encountered an issue on ontap9, that looks like this: 1. i create dir1 using file-create-directory  2. i call file-get-file-info for dir1, and ge more
I am trying to print the aggregate info (size and used space) in text format . Can some one help. Ontap: 8.3.2 p2 api = NaElement("aggr-space-get-iter more
i m trying to pull the aggr space using  below script and getting hte error.Cna some one help me plz. Error:  File "", line 34, in < more
How to know ONTAP and NMSDK API calls are GET / POST requests? I am using methods like AggrListInfoRequest to get the data from the NetApp Cluster.
when running file-get-file-info on ontap9.7 (ontapi 1.170) i get a valid result (file size is correct) but no name element. if this just a change in b more
according to the documentation 'clone-create' is a synchronous operation. i take this statement to mean that as soon as it returns, i should be able t more
Is the NetApp Development community still monitoring the and or .../PowerShell Repositories.  Will the docs or scripts be more
I did the following: - Installed SMI-S 5.2.4 - unlocked 'vsadmin' account on vserver in an Ontap 9.5 cluster   But, I receive error below: # smis add more
I installed all pre-reqs including '2:tog-pegasus-libs-2.14.1-7.el7.x86_64', but, I received an error when installing SMI-S. It complained about 'libp more
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