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WFA Powershell Command to Modify LUN Serial


Has anyone done any work in WFA and/or Powershell to modify a LUN serial to be something fixed (i.e. string)?


I am trying to create a WFA workflow that would do this as part of a application environment for a customer.


Any help with a WFA command is helpful.  I am trying to Modify the "Modify LUN" cmd in WFA.




Re: WFA Powershell Command to Modify LUN Serial


I can't help with WFA, but the cmdlet "Set-NcLunSerialNumber" is what you want to use.



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Re: WFA Powershell Command to Modify LUN Serial

I've worked with WFA, so any think you would do is basically the same. Create a command and use in your work flow.

Just use this cmdlet Andrew told you.

It's a little bit trick and too complex to work with WFA and that's why I stopped working with it.

If you need some help in this case send me a private message and I'll do my best to help you.
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