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ZAPI - Storeage-disk-get-iter - storage-ssd-info

Hi all,


Hope you can help me in this case...

The Partner got a question, for which I couldn’t find any usable information.


ONTap API (v 1.31 cluster):












To the partner, these two values would be sort of in sync, as the lifetime of a ssd would also be related to the number of spares available.


So he  had a look at it’s AFF systems




and see the following




Just a snippet. Some have higher spares used. But what the partner find it weird the wear percent . which is 0, but the spares used percent is 7 or more (on others) percent. Is this expected? Which number is leading? It seems also strange that the SSDs seem to use the spares at a consistent rate, as in, consistent usage across all the SSDs.  Is this also expected behavior? 


Any suggestion is welcome!





Re: ZAPI - Storeage-disk-get-iter - storage-ssd-info

percent-rated-life-used represents how much of the life span of the drive, as estimated by the manufacturer, has passed.  For example, if MTBF for the drive is 2 million power on hours, but only 100,000 hours have passed it would show as 5%.  This is independent of the number of spare blocks used/free.


Also note that percent-rated-life-used can be greater than 100.  It is based on the estimated lifespan of the drive from the manufacturer...if the drive lives longer than the estimate it would have a value > 100, but that is not a predictor/indicator of failure.


percent-rated-life-used is a purely informational field, whereas percent-spares-used is important monitoring information since running out of spare blocks would cause the disk to be failed.


Hope that helps.



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