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api query show disk position is "shared", what does it mean?


I am using ontap 8.3.1 to do the disk query of diskRaidInfo. It shows the disk position is " shared", But I do not find this value listed in any netapp documenatation.



Position of disk relative to its container-type. Omitted if excluded by 'desired-attributes'. 

Possible values: 

  • "copy" - RAID group copy destination disk. 
  • "data" - RAID group data disk. 
  • "dparity" - RAID group diagonal parity disk. 
  • "orphan" - Disk is orphan of an aggregate or traditional volume. 
  • "parity" - RAID group parity disk. 
  • "pending" - Disk is pending addition to an aggregate or traditional volume. 
  • "present" - Disk is present in system. This is the default setting.



what does it mean? I guess this disk is in storage pool shared among aggregates...






When a disk is "shared" that means it is being used by ADP or Flash Pool.


Hope that helps.



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Thanks for the reply! 

So this SSD is shared among several aggrgates. Is this information about what aggregatea it shared with in diskSharedInfo 

  DiskSharedInfo diskSharedInfo = raidInfo.getDiskSharedInfo();

  List<SharedAggregateInfo> aggregateList = diskSharedInfo.getAggregateList();


another question is what is this different from SSD in the storage pook, then be shared by aggregates?


Thanks again!


Pl. refer to understand Netapp Advanced Drive Partitioning.


>>another question is what is this different from SSD in the storage pook, then be shared by aggregates?

User can create hybrid aggrgate using storage pool or adding whole SSD disk.


in storage pool, SDD disk is partitioned into 4 slice(4 units), SSDs is shared across aggregates to reduce the overhead due to parity and spares. This means, 4 aggregates can use same SDD disk (1 unit each ) to have hybrid aggregate.



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