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snapshot-get-iter unable to get info of all volumes




I am using snapshot-get-iter to report all volumes and it's snapshots details. For that I am using max-records ad 500 and tag as none. When I ran in ZEDI with no query, just plane snapshot-get-iter, I am getting an error when it is looking for snapshots of offlined volumes. I changed the max-records to 1000 then it pulled more volumes which it couldn't when it was 500 but failing at the offlined volumes. Similar error message for both the situations.


usable size.png




                         <reason>Unable to get information for Snapshot copies of volume &quot;test_volume&quot; on Vserver &quot;test_vservert&quot;. Reason: Volume not online.</reason>



I am using Python to make these api calls. Please let me know if there is something I am missing or an alternate to getting the snapshot info info of all volumes in 1/2 calls. I know we can query on per volume basis by specifying the volume name in snapshot-list-info. But it would take a million calls for million volumes and forever for the script to complete.