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file-write-file / file-read-file size clarifications


Though the documentation for I/O size in file-write-file and file-read-file are technically correct, they could really use some clarification.

Quoting from the 4.1 SDK, file-write-file states that "API will fail if data exceeds 1 MB" and file-read-file says "API will fail if length exceeds 1 MB". Until recognizing the subtle difference between these two (or observing empirically), they appear to each allow 1MB I/O sizes, though due to the double-byte encoding of the data element, the actual sizes are 512kb for writes and 1024kb for reads. It'd be good to make this distinction more apparent in the documentation.


Re: file-write-file / file-read-file size clarifications


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback. I have forwarded your comment to the appropriate team and will have give you an update as soon as I hear back.



Re: file-write-file / file-read-file size clarifications


Hi Kevin

Hope you are doing well. Thanks for pointing out about the clarification, we will fix this in a future release


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