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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

Can the SDK (5.0) be used against a vserver in C-Mode (rather than the node)?


If so, what is needed to get it working? I keep seeing:

perl apitest.pl host user pass system-get-version


<results status="failed" reason="in Zapi::invoke, cannot connect to socket" errno="13001:></results>

Trying to create a script to collect specific details about all the volumes. I suspect if I query from the vserver

point of view, I will not pickup the node-based (i.e. root) volumes.

It *is* working to the cluster interface and the node interfaces.



I also found a very helpful vollist.pl script that served as a basis for what I needed.

Hacked it up to get what I needed.


NetApp Alumni

I would use the volume-get-iter c-mode API to the cluster LIF.  If you want vserver specific information, you can use vserver tunneling on the cluster LIF or send the API to the vserver management LIF.


   - Rick -


With 5.0, you can see 2 set of APIs - Cluster APIs and vserver APIs. You can connect to a vserver with vserver admin credentials and use vserver APIs.

Alternatively you can connect with Cluster admin credentials, and choose vserver tunneling to use vserver APIs.

Here is a screenshot of how you can do that in ZEDI -

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