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give me a NM SDK download link


who can give me a NM SDK download link, i use vs2008 for development tools, thank you very much



To download NMSDK 5.1, you need to visit NetApp support site.

Here is a direct link to the software download page:

Once you login, look for "NetApp Manageability SDK" from the list, select the platform from the drop-down menu and press "Go".

Since you are using VS2008, you can either select ".NET API Bindings for Windows" or "All Platforms" from the <Select Platform> drop-down menu.

Please feel free to revert back if you need any help while using NMSDK.


Subhabrata Sen.


i do it like what you said,but it told me this:

Unauthorized Access  You have come to a page or module to which you do not have permission.  If you believe you have proper permissions and have reached this notification in error, please submit Feedback.  If you have an urgent technical issue related to a NetApp product, please contact NetApp's Global Support Center

NetApp Alumni

Did you register on the site?

   - Rick -


here is my page after i select and click GO and there is a "log out" on the up side, it means i logined?


It seems you do not have access on NetApp support site.

As far as I know, when you buy a NetApp storage system, NetApp provides you with access to NetApp support site.

If you are a partner (or intend to become a partner), you can register for the NetApp Alliance Partner program.

You can get details of NetApp Alliance Partner program at:


i saw your link of NetApp Alliance Partner program, it seems that one company must pay some money if the company want to intend to become a partner, yes?


Yes, as far as I know, you need to be NetApp customer or partner to get access to NetApp support site and for downloading a software.


ok,so it looks imppossible to monitor netapp store by netapp api.


If you have a NetApp storage system, you would have got the login id (also known as NOW id).

In case, you do have a NetApp storage system and not received the login id, you can contact the NetApp sales team or the customer care (Customer Success Services/NetApp Global Support team).


ok, thank you very much for giving me so much help by bearing my weak English, thank you very much.


i just click the link nitish gave me and than login automaticly, the right up side show my name : "yx". did i make some mistake, and what's the mistake? thx


Register there and download NMSDK 5.1


sorry i can't get it, some page tells me i have no permission, or some on page i just can download docs, i want some vc++ libraray and header files for monitor netapp store, please tell me what shoud i do? thx

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