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how to get information of Disks and Aggregates using ontap api 8.1 and nmsdk 5.1?


I want to get information about disks and aggregates using api classes.

For getting information about aggregate I used AggrListInfoRequest class, but didn't get anything as a output?

here is my code:

import com.netapp.nmsdk.client.ApiRunner;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.client.ApiTarget;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.client.ApiTarget.Protocol;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.client.ApiTarget.TargetType;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.common.api.annotation.IterStartAPIRequest;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.common.api.annotation.IterStartAPIResponse;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.ontap.api.volume.DiskInfo;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.ontap.api.volume.VolumeInfo;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.ontap.api.volume.VolumeListInfoIterStartRequest;

//import com.netapp.nmsdk.dfm.api.lun.LunInfo;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.ontap.api.lun.*;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.ontap.api.aggr.*;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.ontap.api.disk.*;

import com.netapp.nmsdk.ontap.api.lun.LunListInfoRequest;

import java.util.Iterator;

import java.util.List;

public class RunStorage {


           * Constructor


          public RunStorage() {

                    // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub



          public void startStorage(){

                    //NaServer na;


                    System.out.println("in start storage class");



          public static void main (String [] args){

                    //Attempt to connect to host and get basic info.

                    String myip= "";

                    String url = "https://"+myip;


                    Protocol protocol = Protocol.INSECURE_HTTPS;

                    try {

                              System.out.println("url is .." + url);

                              ApiRunner apirunner = new ApiRunner(ApiTarget.builder()








AggrListInfoRequest aggrReq = new AggrListInfoRequest();

//I get error in following line ..

Iterator <AggrInfo> aggrIter = apirunner.iterate(aggrReq,10);

}catch (Exception e) { }

How should I handle the request object to get information???


Re: how to get information of Disks and Aggregates using ontap api 8.1 and nmsdk 5.1?


You have the same problem here as in your other post. AggrListInfoRequest is not an iterator API, so you need to use instead of ApiRunner.iterate().


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