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how to respond to NetApp C-Mode from Fpolicy server with the file data.


I am stuck at the one more place.


We have developed a FPolicy server for Netapp 8.2 C-Mode. All communication between Fpolicy server and NetApp is through xml.


We are looking for the ways to handle SMB_RD request notification.


We have a legacy code for 7-mode fpolicy server, where fpolicy server responds with the file data using FP_FileData function .

I want to do same thing for the C-mode fpolicy server. How to send the file data to NetApp server in response to SMB_RD request notification.


Thanks in advance



you will need to use 8.3 or higher if you want a pass through read functionality


thanks for your response i m understand your reply but i  developed a tool for 7-mode for monitoring cifs file access events. I used fprequest or fpcompeletion code (FP_screenrequest) for get notification at fpolicy server site but i don't know how we develelop server site code for cluster mode. if you have any test sample or any related apis (like nogo_resp,nogo_req or keep_alive etc.) or idl files please help me



as a start you need to get the netapp-manageability sdk - you can download it from http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/software/ if you have the relevant permissions


7-mode and cluster mode implement fpolicy with different protocols, you will need to get the cluster mode documentation from your netapp representative


thanks for reply i have already download netapp managebilty sdk 5.3.1 and develop a sample application for create an fpolicy for cifs on netapp cluster mode. its working fine and create fpolicy successfully.

but my problem in get file notification from configure fpolicy server ip in fpolicy external engine .how we make code at fpolicy server side for get notification or connected parmanently




Dear friends,

                  how we can get cifs shares changes information from screen server after creating fpolicy for 8.2.1 7-mode.


Govind Sharma


Dear all friends,

                      i am using ontap simulator 8.2.1 7-mode  firstly i tell u my aim .my aim is monitoring on cifs share . write a .txt  what change done on share file or folder .same as event logs. i want to also write to file security permission changes on shares files or folders. some suggest me fpolicy. i successfuly configure fpolicy and give a screen server but i dont know how we can retrieve information from screen server ip can anybody tell me how we can do this.


Mradul Singh

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