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Volumes related to VFILER

Is there a command that list volumes associated with vfiler?. "vfiler run * vol status" lists the volumes against the vfiler which is shown in the header as below,



 <Volume List>


<Volume List>


Let me know if there is way to list volumes and vfilers in a tabular format like the one "df -V" does?




Re: Volumes related to VFILER



Have you tried a 'vfiler status -r' at the filer/vfiler0 context?  You can also run that against a single vfiler such as 'vfiler status -r <vfiler_name>' to get information on just a particular vfiler, instead of every vfiler on that particular controller.


Hope this helps.

Re: Volumes related to VFILER

Yes,  I've  tried  'vfiler status -r' at the filer/vfiler0 context. The output looks like the one below,














Is there a command that gives mapping between volume anf vfiler in a tabular format like a 1-1 mapping?

Re: Volumes related to VFILER

I'm not aware of anything on the filer itself that would give that kind of mapping such as:


vfiler1 - vol1

vfiler1 - vol2

vfiler2 - vol3

vfiler3 - vol4



It would be fairly easy to carve up the 'vfiler status -r' command to give you that kind of output, if you are familiar with any scripting languages.


Otherwise, do you have DFM/OCUM in your environment?  If so the 'dfm volume list' command would give you something close to what you are looking for with volume name and vfiler name on the same line.

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