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<results errno='13115' reason='Invalid boolean value for input: verbose' status='failed'/>


I keep gettting this error:

<results errno='13115' reason='Invalid boolean value for input: verbose' status='failed'/>

when I am trying to query volume-list-info in ZEDI.

this is the xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<netapp  xmlns="" version="1.17">

  <!--Get volume status. Note that all RAID-related status items (e.g., 'raid-size', 'raid-status', 'checksum-style') reported for a flexible volume actually describe the state of its containing aggregate.-->


    <!--If set to "true", more detailed volume information is returned. If not supplied or set to "false", this extra information is not returned.-->


    <!--The name of the volume for which we want status information. If not supplied, then we want status for all volumes on the filer. Note that if status information for more than 20 volumes is desired, the volume-list-info-iter-* zapis will be more efficient and should be used instead.-->




can someone shed some light what is wrong?



You need to either set a value of true or false for <verbose>, or remove the <verbose> element altogether to have it take the default value. You can't send it with a blank value.


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